Voluntary Work

voluntary work

Volunteering in youth work

Not only does voluntary work offer a chance to help and spend time with young people, it also provides practical experience and understanding of youth work and young people’s lives.

You can e.g. act as a support volunteer during evenings at the youth centres, focus on multicultural youth work or be involved with events. You can also take part in adventure or girls’ activities or share the expertise you’ve gained through your hobbies.

As the largest youth department in Finland, the Youth Department of the City of Helsinki offers possibilities to volunteer in hundreds of activities aimed at young people in over 60 youth centres and other facilities around Helsinki.


Who can volunteer?

Anyone who wants to work with young people and is over 18 can work as a volunteer. The most important thing is to be present – trained youth workers always guide the activities and carry the responsibility for the young people.

You can make your own schedule regarding hours and tasks according to your resources – as a volunteer you decide how you want to help.

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Tasks for voluntary adults

All 18- to 70-year-olds, a.k.a. adults, can work as volunteers. Volunteering requires no special skills. The most important tasks are to listen and be present.

Voluntary tasks vary according to the activities of the youth centres. We make sure you get to work at a youth centre close to your interests. Many of our volunteers have different interests or hobbies, and the skills related to these can be passed on to young people.

Here are a few examples of our volunteering tasks:

•At Falkulla Domestic Animal Farm, the volunteers are in charge of managing the animals and the farm. The volunteers work together with the instructors in different tasks on the farm. Those with DIY-skills can do some repair work while the café run by young people needs a guiding adult to provide support.

•At the night café activities in Kannelmäki, volunteers manage the café, help out at the door and provide general supervision together with the youth workers.

•In the youth centres of Ruoholahti and Koskela, the volunteers have been running a weekly girls’ club together with the youth workers.

•In Lauttasaari, the volunteer has been instructing cooking and ceramics classes.

•The volunteers at Koskela Youth Centre have assisted the youth workers in summer camps throughout the whole camp week.

•Happi Heroes volunteer by discussing, playing and instructing young people with intellectual disabilities.

•The volunteers at the Game House are involved in gaming events and exhibitions.

•In the camp organised for Ruuti core group, the volunteer worked as a cook.

•In Children’s Traffic Town, the volunteers instruct children.


Weekend activities

A Better Weekend!

Become a volunteer on weekends! Our weekend activities provide a cosy, safe and substance-free way for young people to spend their free time with other young people near their homes. Our weekend nights often have a theme. Weekends can also include night café activities, band nights, Midnight Streetbasket, gaming activities and various tournaments.

The activities are often organised by 13- to 17-year-olds under the responsibility of our youth workers, and the volunteer always works together with the youth workers. The youth centres can also have active youth groups, assistant instructors and peer instructors who are given a responsible role in the activities.

The Better Weekend activities in the Youth Department started in 2004, and voluntary adults have been trained ever since. All volunteers are familiarised with the activities and insured by the City of Helsinki.


Our volunteer training offers you practical experience in youth work!

A free basic training for the volunteers is organised twice a year.

The training for the autumn of 2014 takes place between 11th and 12th October at Oulunkylä Youth Centre.

The weekend-long training includes going through practices of voluntary work and themes related to young people’s lives as well as learning how to encounter young people.

During the training, you will also be appointed to an appropriate youth centre where you will first train and then work in the future. The training period starts by getting to know the practices and principles of the youth centre. You will get a certificate stating your participation in the training and volunteering as well as pointing out your abilities to work with young people.

If need be, further training for the volunteers is organised.

Contact information

Coordinator of Voluntary Work
Soili Voipio
Tel +358 40 716 0957
E-mail: soili.voipio(a)hel.fi